Ribbon embroidery by Pujan Brar.

 Ribbon embroidery is a 3 dimensional embroidery in which you stitch beautiful designs with ribbons on the needle instead of embroidery floss. The effect is simply stunning given the vivid colours of ribbon, be it silk or synthetic ribbon. The smooth silky lustre of the ribbons helps me to create beautiful embroidery projects.

Silk ribbon embroidery is one of the most unique and elegant forms of needlework. This age-old art adds romantic and vintage charm to any heirloom project. Below, I would like to share a couple of ribbon work completed orders.



Ribbon embroidery  flowers framed wall art.




Ribbon embroidery handcrafted sunflowers framed wall art



Ribbon embroidery cushion cover set of five cushions.



 Ribbon embroidery salwar suit with dupatta


I am of the firm belief that Embroidery, Crafts, Sewing, knitting etc. can be a therapy for anxiety, depression and loneliness. ( I state that from personal experience ). Using your Creative side can be so relaxing and rewarding, along with the fact that we are keeping these crafts alive, and all share a common bond with our love for Craft.

This is not the end of the Ribbon Embroidery Blog, more so a new beginning, there will be more postings in the future including my latest creation.